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GN-U Dou - YF-21 Macross Plus Empty GN-U Dou - YF-21 Macross Plus

Post by Wednesday Toys on Thu May 30, 2013 7:30 am

Some new stock arrived! What could be more fun than opening a box of toy robots? Putting them up for sale so that others can enjoy their awesomeness!

Here's my first newly listed toy: the YF-21 by GN-U Dou & Yamato (Macross Plus, Robotech)

Here is the blue YF-21 in robot mode - or 'Battroid' mode, as it is called. This sleek little guy comes with a gun pod and three optional hands so you can pose him in many different ways. His colouration makes him very unique, and he's the 'Limited - Decorated Coloring Model', making him just that little bit more special. A must have for Robotech and Macross fans - he's just itching for battle alongside his Battroid brothers!

GN-U Dou are small deluxe, non-transforming figures that are built for posing and displaying. The box that this figure comes in is also of a high quality, and presents well for those collectors (like myself) who like to display their items in the condition they are bought. These GN-U figures are around 14 cm tall, and are 'new in box' (NIB). Box may show signs of shelf-wear. GN-U Dou items are intended for adult collectors, and may not be suitable for children. I have taken a couple of pictures - please check them out as this item is sold 'as is'. Please note that much of the printing on the box is in Japanese, not English.

You can find them at my website.
Or on my eBay account.

GN-U Dou - YF-21 Macross Plus 8877196806_639a1df7bc_oGN-U Dou - YF-21 Macross Plus 8877196326_97a831a562_o

- Jarrod

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