Revoltech - Muv-Luv No.001 and Tachikoma Spider Tank from Ghost in the Shell

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Revoltech - Muv-Luv No.001 and Tachikoma Spider Tank from Ghost in the Shell

Post by Wednesday Toys on Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:49 am

I know... it's a kind of an unfortunate name, but if you can look past the name you will see that there is an awesome robot lurking withing that cool purple cardboard box! This is a listing for Kaiyodo's Muv-Luv Takemikazuchi Type-00R Shogun Custom; and it looks like the cross between a mech from Gundam and a mech from Evangelion. As I said, very cool. He has many points of articulation, and comes kitted out with two pairs of hands, a gun, two short swords, wings, and a display base.

Robots... tanks... robots... tanks... which is more awesome? Now you don't need to struggle with such difficult philosophical questions! I present the Tachikoma - by RevolTech! This yellow spider tank is from 'Ghost in the Shell'. 'Ghost in the Shell' is one of my favourite anime movies, so it is with great pride that I can announce I've just listed one of their spider tanks on my website.
This yellow tank-bot has 18 points of articulation, a 'pull-back' motor, and magnetic 'feet', so you're really getting bang for your bucks. It's about 12 cm long and about 8cm high, and is just covered in glorious detail. A really nice showpiece for any fan of Ghost in the Shell, or of robots in general!

Boxes may show signs of shelf-wear. RevolTech items are intended for adult collectors, and may not be suitable for children. I have taken a couple of pictures - please check them out as these items are sold 'as is'. Please note that much of the printing on the box is in Japanese, not English.

You can see the both of these wonderful toys, as well as other Revoltech for sale at:
My website's store
[url=]My eBay page[/url]

- Jarrod

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