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Transformers - Diamond Select Toys - Hasbro - Megatron Bust; Thrust Bust; Bumblebee Bust

Post by Wednesday Toys on Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:01 am

If you know me, you'll know that when I was a kid my favourite toy line in the whole wide 80s world was Transformers. I'm so proud of that toy line and what it has gone on to accomplish.
One of the many cool Transformers items that is now available to Transformers fans are the wonderfully detailed Diamond Select Toys Busts. I have one of the most rare and special of those busts up for grabs.
Please let me introduce the Megatron Reformatted Bust
Here is a listing for the ultra rare 'Megatron Reformatted' bust. There are a few busts going around with Megatron and a purple base - but this version of Megatron has UNICRON as his base! The base is exquisitely detailed, and so is Megatron. This particular version of him is taken from the original Transformers movie, where Megatron has been fatally wounded and left for dead by the Decepticons. Unicron, a monster planet with almost god-like powers, restores Megatron to functionality with the iconic words... 'Arise, Galvatron!', and the villain of the next wave of Transformers was born.
The box shows some signs of wear, like that little bit of white on the front right corner of it, but the box's condition is easily countered by the fact that this piece is a relatively early number in the run, at '104'.

Another bust I have just put up for sale is a companion piece to the Dirge bust - the Diamond Select Toys Thrust Bust.
Of the three 'recruit' G1 Seekers (the jet planes Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet), Thrust is my favourite. He has these cool vent-things on his wings that none of the other Decepticon Jets have, and he looks like a tougher robot than the others as a result. Thrust is the red guy on the box to the far left. This sculpt of him has arm blasters that are sculpted to look the most like the original Decepticon Seekers' arm blasters from the cartoons. He's a rare find, and a worthy item of interest for any Transformers fan.

Who would have thought that painting a spy/infiltrator bright yellow would be a good thing? I've just listed for sale perhaps the second most famous Transformer in existence - Bumblebee! Bumblebee has long been a fan favourite ever since the cartoons in the early 80s, where he befriended the Autobots' human allies Spike and his father Sparkplug. Bumblebees original box quote was "the least likely can be the most dangerous" - and certainly he was a huge thorn in the Decepticons' sides. This bust of Bumblebee is a great piece as it merges the looks of cartoon Bumblebee with the aesthetics of the original toy.

These Diamond Select Toys Transformers Busts are wonderfully sculpted by Mark Wong, and are limited edition pieces. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a hand-numbered base.

Obviously as a mini statue, he does not transform. He is new in box (NIB) and I have taken a couple of pictures of the box (which may show some signs of wear) - please check them out as this item is sold 'as is'. Diamond Select Busts are designed for adult collectors and are not intended for use by children.

If you want to know more about these wonderful Transformers busts, you can check out:
My webstore
My eBay page

- Jarrod

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