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Machine Men

Post by Wednesday Toys on Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:55 am

Gobots, known locally here in Australia as Machine Men, we actually a precursor to Transformers. As a kid I thought that Machine Men were a spin-off, silly me.

Anyway, over at Roboplastic Apocalypse they've posted original character bios, which had been written but not included on their cards (as every other decent toy of the 80s did). An interesting look back at the Machine Men.

Pretty basic stuff, but kinda interesting.  Here are some samples:

GoBot Assortment No. 7200

Cy-Kill Enemy Robot Leader
Notorious Cy-Kill, the evil GoBot mastermind who turns into a menacing motorcycle, is the leader of the pack of Enemy GoBots. He plans to take over the earth.

Turbo Friendly Robot Racer
Leader 1's right hand GoBot., Turbo loves life in the fast lane. He enters himself into sports car races as a red-hot racer.

Tank Enemy Robot Destroyer
Cy-Kill's right hand man, Tank, is a lumbering dumb oaf with a body that's not only built like a tank-but actually becomes one when necessary.

Hans-Cuff Friendly Robot Police Car
As police sergeant of GoBotron, Hans-Cuff is well known for his detective handiwork. He proves the hand is quicker than the eye when he turns himself into a police car.

Fitor Enemy Robot Jet
Always looking for a fight, Fitor is the GoBot who will fly Cy-Kill and the enemy GoBots to planet earth.

Dozer Friendly Robot Bulldozer
Dozer would rather take a nap than waste time leveling the Enemy GoBots. But when the good guys need him, he's up and ready to flatten each and every one of the evil doers.

Pumper Friendly Robot Fire Engine
Dumper's twin brother, Pumper, pumps a lot of iron at night to keep in shape. When he turns into a fire truck, he pumps a lot of water putting out fires started by the Enemy GoBots.

BuggyMan Enemy Robot Car
Everyone's heard of the Boogeyman-well, BuggyMan's just as bad. And when he turns into a dune buggy he's a real mean machine.

Loco Enemy Robot Train
As crazy as his name, Loco loves to turn into a locomotive and send his enemies into locomotion.

Spay-C Friendly Robot Space Ship
Spay-C is not an airhead, he's an inventor fascinated with outer space. His way-out inventions include a plan to send Enemy GoBots into permanent orbit.

Dumper Friendly Robot Dump Truck
Although he's always getting dumped on, Dumper doesn't mind-he's strong enough to handle loads of work and determined to destroy the Enemy GoBots.

Cop-Tur Enemy Robot Helicopter
Cold-hearted Cop-Tur has a sharp mind and an even sharper rotating propeller arm. He secretly plans to send Cy-Kill into a tailspin and take over the Enemy GoBots.

- Jarrod

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