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Transformers - Gnaw - Sharkticon - G1 K.O./Reissue Empty Transformers - Gnaw - Sharkticon - G1 K.O./Reissue

Post by Wednesday Toys on Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:51 am

Transformer fans, I have just listed 'Gnaw' - a KO, Re-issue of the original G1 toy.  He's on my eBay page, and my online shop just waiting to go to a good home!

Transformers - Gnaw - Sharkticon - G1 K.O./Reissue 9162290201_67b057dca1_oTransformers - Gnaw - Sharkticon - G1 K.O./Reissue 9162290541_c0ab87b6d5_o

It gladdens my heart so much to see a toy line that I loved as a kid prosper so much. Transformers changed my life. I still remember watching my first cartoon and rushing off afterwards to tell my parents about it. While there have been good Transformer toys coming out recently, nothing compares to the originals. If you're a collector, like me, there's a flood of re-issues, third party homage figures, and knock-offs that tug at the old nostalgia strings - and it's becoming easier to set up a decent looking display to indulge in your robot feti... ahem, collection.

This is a high quality knock-off/reproduction of the original G1 Sharkticon - Gnaw - from the original Transformers movie of the 80s! He really does look the business, and while there are small tell-tale clues as to his modern construction he still conveys the magic of an original Transformer to any fan. He comes with an instruction booklet and stickers, and if you check out his 'back' pic, you'll see that he comes with tech-spec and original G1 artwork of the time. The reproducers of this figure have really done a marvelous job in recreating Gnaw as best they can. I can't recommend it enough. I have taken a couple of pictures of him - please check them out as this item is sold 'as is'.

- Jarrod

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Transformers - Gnaw - Sharkticon - G1 K.O./Reissue Wednes10
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