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Gundam - Special Creative Model (S.C.M.) - zaku II Empty Gundam - Special Creative Model (S.C.M.) - zaku II

Post by Wednesday Toys on Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:05 am

Now up on my web shop!

The Special Creative Model (S.C.M) Ex versions of Gundam - and these Zakus - are hyper articulated for maximum pose-ability. They are made with the consummate toy collector in mind. They come with several hands for posing options, as well as a couple of different weapons - including a giant rocket launcher. Each figure stands about 12cm tall. As these are collectible Japanese robots, much of the packaging is in Japanese.

Char's Zaku II
There's no mistaking Char's Zaku - just look at that hot pink paint job!  Please note that the plastic window on Char's Zaku box has come loose on it's left side.  I've knocked a couple of dollars off the price as a result.  But maybe you open your toy boxes anyway, and don't care about that packaging stuff - then by all means save a few bucks and get this hot little number.
Gundam - Special Creative Model (S.C.M.) - zaku II 9162285627_f3f65d990e_o

Desert Zaku II
Desert Zaku looks like he'd be right at home in Afghanistan or any other war-torn country, hiding behind a wall as he prepares his bazooka.  I pity the fools who'd try to stand up against him!  He has a few nice little touches around the place to make him stand out from the other Zakus, like the decals on his chest.
Gundam - Special Creative Model (S.C.M.) - zaku II 9162285019_977bb547ea_o

Winter Zaku II
Winter Zaku - more like stealth Zaku!  This guy looks made for creeping around the night skies, undetected.  He's got the number '83' imprinted on his skirt... wonder what his 82 other buddies are up to?
Gundam - Special Creative Model (S.C.M.) - zaku II 9164506240_f448cd366c_o

You can get them all on my toy shop's website at: Wednesday Toys.

- Jarrod

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