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Ax2 figures

Post by Wednesday Toys on Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:05 am

Thanks to a new FB friend, I've just stumbled upon some of Ax2's figures, and they're amazing.  This is the first one to blow my mind.  I don't know much about him - I think his name is Rei, and their picture folder is simply titled 'Boom!'  He takes cues from some of the awesome work by 3A (who I've been raving a bit about lately) - as well as introducing some steam-punk power suit aesthetics.  He looks to be about 1/6th scale (about 30cm), but unfortunately I don't think he's for sale anymore.  Still, what a jaw-dropping figure.

Here's another version of Ax2's 'Rei', Boom! Series #2.  He's looking a bit more casual than the previous figure, and is very striking especially with that massive gun.  Does he remind anyone else of the movie Akira?  Again, another masterful piece by Ax2 - a great sculpt and phenomenal attention to detail.

- Jarrod

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