UN Soldiers (Blue Helmets)

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UN Soldiers (Blue Helmets)

Post by lalo133 on Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:48 pm

... Laughing  Introduction to this issue. ...:
(Video Adventure custom figure dioramas in 1/10)
  By mandate of the United Nations, UN soldiers are sent on a mission where the conflict there.
The goal is to maintain the security, prosperity, for international geostrategic balance.
These are "stories of today." (International peacekeepers.)
I invite you to see a "Photovideo" dioramas with figures of this issue.
'To see this new page and the video to go ...:


- Enter my website.
- Scale 1/10.
- Website:     ACTUAL.  /  Soldados siglo XXI. / PhotoVideo.
-------------------------------------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge.Wink

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