Revolvers - '89 retro toy cars - by Lionel

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Revolvers - '89 retro toy cars - by Lionel

Post by Wednesday Toys on Sun May 19, 2013 8:37 am

I've just put some new toys up for sale at my online store - this time it's Lionel Revolvers! They're toy cars from the very late '80s. They are a very cool little retro toy. They were like Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars at the time, but with a special gimmick! You could simply turn them over and suddenly you have a different looking car. Great for imagined police chases! Their cards may have some warping due to their age, but the toy itself is pristine - they are new and Mint On Sealed Card.

Check out my eBay listings.


Check out my online shop.

- Jarrod

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