Revoltech - No. 21, Giant Robo GR-2 and No.41 Patlabor Brocken

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Revoltech - No. 21, Giant Robo GR-2 and No.41 Patlabor Brocken

Post by Wednesday Toys on Tue May 28, 2013 6:23 am

Good news! I've just listed my first RevolTech figures:

RevolTech - Giant Robo - No. 21 - GR-2 AND RevolTech - Patlabor - No. 41 - Brocken

RevolTech figures are renowned for their patented joints and their unparalleled poseability! They're great if you want to recreate cool scenes of robots fighting each other, caught mid-action!

Let me introdude GR-2 from the Giant Robo series. He's the evil version of the hero, Giant Robo - and he looks rather dark and menacing! Perfect for people like me who find villains more interesting than heroes. GR-2 is new in box (NIB) and comes with a few accessories including a stand, and is around 13cm tall. He'd be a great addition for anyone who likes to collect awesome robots.

Next up: Brocken here is a highly mobile military Labor (Mecha/Robot) from the Patlabor universe. He has 44 points of articulation! Just amazing - especially if you want to pose him to recreate any of your favourite anime action scenes. Brocken comes with several accessories including a stand and optional hands, and is around 14cm tall (and is NIB). He'd look fantastic posed and on display next to your toys, trust me Smile

You can find them on my website.
Or at my eBay store.

Boxes may show signs of shelf-wear, and are sold 'as is'. Also, these toys are created for the adult collector in mind, and may not be suitable for children.

- Jarrod

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